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Ready to spread your wings?

(2 flights minimum or with an other formula)
Glide gently over the lagoon with a breathtaking view of the the beaches and the coral reef. Flyover sea turtles.
55 € per flight

Formula 15 mn 60 €

Formula 30 mn 90 €

Prolong your flight like a caribean eagle to the “Pointe des Châteaux”, flying above the “Salines” pink salt lake, the sea turtles area, the “Raisins Clairs” beach and the southern coast beaches.

Formula 45 mn 140 €

Go for an extended flight to the “Pointe des Châteaux”, then northwards over the “Rouleaux” beach, “Baie Olive” and “Anse à l’Eau”, and back south over “Anse à la Barque” and the southern coast beaches. Flyover sea turtles.

Saint FRANCOIS airport, Daily, by appointment, depending on weather conditions.

Gaëtan, ultralight hang glider pilot since the age of 17, will share with you the magic of flying under a delta wing !!